About Us

Welcome to Dad's Old Vinyl: Where Vinyl and the '90s Old Skool Scene Collide!

We're not your typical High Street brand. We're an independent label born from a deep passion for the '90s rave culture and the timeless allure of vinyl.

Hi, I'm Matt. Let me take you on a trip down memory lane…

The early '90s were electrifying. The pulsating energy of the rave scene, the mastery of DJing, and the magnetic pull of records took hold of me. I raved my heart out at iconic events like World Dance, Reincarnation, and Elevation.

Throughout that incredible decade and beyond, I built an extensive vinyl collection and spun my way into the DJ booths of renowned events like Raindance, Labyrinth, and One Nation. The international rave community welcomed me with open arms, allowing me to play in Canada, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium.

By the late '90s, I took things up a notch, launching my own rave events. These quickly became some of South East England's biggest Drum and Bass parties for over 15 years.

Fast-forward a bit, and life happened. I paused to start a family and explore new career paths, but Old Skool culture and my love for vinyl never left me. My passion for crate digging at boot fairs, charity shops, and record fairs has always kept my connection to vinyl alive.

In January 2023, that familiar itch returned. I reignited my passion, and the Facebook community 'Dad's Old Vinyl' was born. What started as a personal platform to live-stream my beloved vinyl collection has grown into a thriving community of over twenty-thousand Old Skool vinyl enthusiasts. 

We reminisce about the golden days, exchange vinyl knowledge, and immerse ourselves in Old Skool memorabilia.

The '90s rave scene wasn't just about the music; it was a revolution. It transformed fashion, art, and music in profound ways. This movement was all about unity, self-expression, and breaking boundaries. Seeing remnants of that era alive today still gives me the same buzz I felt all those years ago.

This is why Dad's Old Vinyl, the clothing brand, exists. It's a tribute to that era, offering apparel and accessories designed with the same love, passion, and spirit of the '90s and a music medium we all still love.

Join us as we keep the '90s rave culture and vinyl tradition alive!